A Guide for fast IP (Influence Points)

Since the last patch we all know that Riot has changed the XP & IP rates users get when playing games. The rates are now time based which means the longer you play - the more you get and vice versa.
They also changed the way custom games worked. Before the update one could play a maximum of 6 games per day that gave IPs. The new system works on time - you get 180 minutes of custom game time per 24 hours. That means that we're able to farm much more IPs now. The downside is that you'll get merely 40 points per game. The total daily IP is still higher than before (Riot also removed the 11minute cap).
I'm going to present you the fastest ways to farm Influence Points here and now:

Method #1
Champion: Tristana 
Finishing Time: ~10 minutes
Difficulty: easy

Farming IP with Tristana is easy because of several reasons: she's ranged (get's more range with levels), she has an passive AoE skill to kill minions fast, she can attack very fast and she's free!
To get Tristana and a skin for free, follow this link: US / EU client

And here's how you do it.
Masteries: 21/0/8
Summoner Spells: Teleport, Fortify (gives +9dmg to minions)
Spell Priority: start with E, then Q>E, no ultimate
Pick Soraka as enemy bot

Start with a Dagger for more attack speed and go mid. Push. The towers always have priority when it's save to attack them.
Should you die buy more attack speed and run back mid. Once you have 1550+ gold bluepill back to base and upgrade your dagger to a Sword of the Divine. Buy a green potion and/or other AS items when you have more gold.

Teleport back to mid and keep pushing until you destroy the Nexus.
Method #2  
Champion: Master Yi 
Finishing Time: ~ 8 minutes
Difficulty: medium

Yi is the fastest champion for IP farming. He gets excellent damage with hisWuju Style, has a chance to insta-kill minions with Alpha Strike and gets a nice AS boost with Highlander. In addition he costs only 450 IP to unlock.

Skill Priority: start with E, then R>E>Q
Same strategy as with Tristana. Just be more careful with towers since Yi is a melee champion. Use Wuju Style and Highlander to push.

Method #3
Champion: Twisted Fate
Finishing Time: ~10 minutes
Difficulty: hard

Farming with TF isn't exactly "hard" but harder than with Tristana or Yi. It's harder because Pick a Card requires some skill to use precisely. TF is a good hero choice because 1.) he's ranged 2.) Stacked Deck gives him AS and cooldown reduction and 3.) he's a fast minion/tower killer with PaC
Twisted Fate costs 1350 IP to unlock.

Skill Priority: E>W, get rank 1 of your ultimate when reach lvl 6
Same strategies as before.
If you want you can bring a different Summoner Spell than Teleport with you and use your ultimate as replacement. Use blue PaC for towers and red cards for minions.

That's it. These are the 3 fastest ways to farm IPs I know. Ofc some people could say: why would I wanna play Tristana or Twisted Fate when Yi is the fastest? My answer would be: to bring some variety into IP farming. Sure Yi is the fastest but playing Yi over and over gets boring faster than you think.
I hope some of you find this guide useful and will try it out ingame someday. If you desperately need more Influence Points, farming is still th best way to get them.

Have fun & Good luck


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